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How old does my puppy have to be?

Your puppy can come as early as you like, as long as they are up to date on vaccines for their age! Puppies can begin integration into the large dog group play after adult vaccines are given at 4 months or 16 weeks of age.

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Can I request my small dog be with the big dogs?


Yes! We have multiple small dogs who find the large dog room more appealing. Although you may request this, your dog's confidence will be the deciding factor.  Your dog's safety and comfort are our top priority! We let all of our dogs be in the areas they are most comfortable. If you see your pup in a different room than you're used to, don't be afraid to let them try again. If today's pack was not a good fit there are always different dogs tomorrow. 

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Do you offer grooming?

Full grooming services are definitely in our future plans! We offer a complimentary bath with any boarding stay over 3 nights. You can also request a bath after 5 days of daycare. Unfortunately we do not offer nail trims or haircuts at this time.


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Can I bring a bed and toys?


Yes! You may bring whatever you like. We do not recommend bringing anything valuable, sentimental, or breakable. Your dog will be given a locker for their belongings when they arrive. If you pack anything breakable, too big to fit in our washer, or liable to be a choking hazard it will be kept in your pet's locker until pick up. We provide beds, bowls, and blankets, and thank our wonderful customers for your donations. We recommend bringing your dog's regular diet, including treats, and a shirt or towel that smells like home if your dog has separation anxiety.

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Can I pack refrigerated food?


Yes! We recommend bringing your dog's regular diet, We are equipped with a fridge, freezer, and microwave to store or prepare your dog's normal meal.


My dog is allergic to vaccinations, can they still come?


If your dog is allergic to any vaccines, or your vet has recommended against vaccinating any further, you must provide proof from your vet. As long as you bring a letter from your vet to be attached to their file where the vaccines would normally be, they are still welcome to participate. Any form of aggression from a dog without a rabies vaccine will be denied entry.

What if my dog gets hurt?


The contracts in your welcome packet are so important because if you were out of reach while your best friend is having an emergency, we can take your dog to a vet and get them healed for you. Illnesses and injuries can and do happen. As their caretakers while you are away, of course we will make sure your dog is safe and healthy. We will contact you if your dog requires any veterinary services. Any minor cuts or scrapes will be treated in house, reported, and you will receive an incident report at the end of their stay.

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Do you accept dogs that are not spayed / neutered?


Yes! We welcome any dogs who love dogs! As long as your dog does not try to challenge any pack leaders, or get aggressive with other dogs over dominance, they will fit into our pack with ease. Our staff is trained to recognize and intervene in behaviors that can lead to altercations or pregnancies. We do not allow any females that are currently in their heat cycle. If staff believes your female is in heat during participation, she will be removed from the group and quarantined until pick up. (No staff or dog owner will be liable for pregnancies.)


Will my dog get sick?


Given the nature of dog interactions germs are always present in an open play environment. Even though all of our dogs are up to date on vaccines is it always possible for those germs to spread. While we do not allow any known sick dog into the facility it is always a possibility you should be aware of. If your dog is used to this type of environment chances are they have built antibodies to most of the germs present when interacting with other canines. Note: The bordatella vaccine only vaccinates against one of the many strains of kennel cough. 

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What happens if my dog misbehaves?


Our staff is trained to recognize and intervene in behaviors that can lead to altercations. When a dog "misbehaves" (mounting, pestering a dog) our staff will redirect their focus using squirt bottles, vocal commands, distractions, or a time out should that be necessary. Often times a look of disapproval from the pack handler is all it takes to redirect a dog who comes often or already knows pack etiquette. If the dog continues to misbehave they can become a danger to themselves or others and must be removed from the pack. Timeouts are at the discretion of the pack handler as it is their responsibility to keep their pack safe.  They can be as short as 10 minutes or as long as the rest of the day.  Any dogs removed from group play are given to the kennel technician who will assign them a kennel and exercise them one on one in their own yard. Dogs whose misbehavior results in an injury will receive a warning, after three warnings they may be expelled.

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