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Must Love Dogs

Your dog's

second home


What makes us different

Where dogs can be dogs

Must Love Dogs is an open boarding facility. Your dogs are free to roam our spacious play areas and are given the opportunity to truly be themselves! Because our dogs are not in kennels during business hours, they are happy, free, and getting all their energy out! This ensures you that your dog is having a blast every day that you are away. Providing you a worry free day of work or a guilt free vacation.

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Your dog becomes our family

Every dog wants to be a part of  a pack

Every dog in our care is loved and cared for as if it were our own personal pet. We speak dog and understand different personalities, play styles, and behavioral cues. Each day we have a unique pack containing several different personalities, from lazy to crazy, and everyone in between. We strive to meet every dog's social needs.

(All dogs must pass the orientation to participate in group play.)

Must Love Dogs
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Why people love us

My dogs love this place! They don't look back when I drop them off, and they sleep for a good 24 hours when I pick them up. Plus, they post great pics on their Facebook page!

— Erin Mullen

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